Slime Care

Depending on the weather + humidity you live in , your slime may arrive melted or stiff. 

Here are some quick & easy fixes for these problems 


Things to Note before handling with slime:

  • Poke your slime in the container with one finger to make sure it isn’t too sticky to handle 

  • Wash your hands before touching your slime as slime will leave a wet residue on dirty hands 

  • Play with slime on or over a clean hard & non porous surface 

  • Handle slime quickly so it doesn't stick to your hands

  • Remove slime from the container & be creative with it


How To Properly Store Your Slime

  • Slime is best stored in a cool environment & away from direct sunlight. Heat & Sunlight will deactivate (melt) slime.
  • Slime will also require reactivation with slime activator when it gets too sticky for handling. 

Slime is an expendable product & not recommended to keep beyond one year. This time frame may vary depending on the way you handle your slime. If you notice your slime produce odour please dispose it immediately


How To Use Slime Activator

Only use activator if you feel like your slime is too sticky or runny

  •  Adding too much activator will result to rubbery, bouncy & easily breakable slime. 
  • Not adding enough activator will result in slime remaining sticky.